The origin of SPA and the origin of Chinese fumigation

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Bathing in the long history of human history, like other human activities, has accumulated rich cultural connotations. As early as five or six hundred years BC, humans used natural mineral water for bathing, and used a natural hot spring bath that contained a certain amount of salt, gas, and a few active ions and radioactive components. The ancient Greeks believe that seawater has the magical power of preventing diseases, cleaning up malignant tumors and stimulating nerves. This is the initial method of treating human body functions with natural water. That is, the initial shape of the spa, which is the original face of SPA. The so-called SPA is derived from the Latin word "Solus Por Aqua" (Health by water), which is the health that is generated by the characteristics and impact of water.

The development of SPA to today, her scope does not stop at the spa. The carrier that spans water becomes a synonym for a larger area of leisure health. The professional women in Europe and the United States often say that they go to the SPA together, not only to take a bath together, but to perform all activities related to sports. Such as massage, hydromassage, beauty, sauna, steam bath, solarium, mud bath, sand bath, stone therapy, air bath, forest bath and so on.

SPA and Chinese medicine have inextricable origins. The ancient Chinese medicine is a treasure of the Chinese people left to humanity. From the Zhou Dynasty. People know that they bathe on a regular basis and realize that "there's a cure for the head and a bath for the body." During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the traditional Chinese medicine masterpiece "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" had its own evil spirits, and the dip for its sweat "was hot soup bathing and sweating for the treatment of diseases. During the Jin and Yuan period Zhang Zihe moxibustion, Steaming, smoking, simmering, washing, ironing, branding, acupuncture, vermiculite, guidance, and massage are all listed as the Khan method.

Fumigation therapy is based on the theory of the Chinese Medical Organ Dysentery meridian theory. It is earlier than the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic. The "Fifty-two Diseases" unearthed in Mawangdui is useful to boil and wine to boil with its hot steam. The record of the disease. Organs are the core of human physiology. It is also the governing of life activities. The meridians are the channels for running blood in the human body. They are criss-crossing, communicating with each other, and linking up and down.

Yun: "Four menstrual meridians, which belong to the internal organs, exoskeletons in the extremities" fumigation therapy, applied to the body surface. And through the body's expression to the meridians, taken in the body, melted in the body fluids, making blood sparse, phlegm stagnation, poisonous gas solution, pain reduction. Through the stimulation of fumigation, the blood vessels can be expanded, blood and lymph circulation can be promoted, and the nutrition of the whole body tissue can be improved, and the blood stasis, antiphlogistic, analgesic, and emolliency can be achieved; the skin absorbs the penetration of active ingredients through the skin and mucous membranes. The human body, through the transmission of the meridians. The regulation of organs can reach the disease or regulate the whole body function. It plays the role of "external disease management," and it has no pain and no side effects. The curative effect is significant and fast.