Work principle and efficacy of wet steam room and basic configuration

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Wet steam room function:

1: Regulate physiological function, supplement cell energy to improve the acidic condition and sub-health status to effectively promote metabolism and improve body circulation.

2: replenish the skin, clean the skin, soften the cuticle, maintain skin fullness and flexibility.

3: slimming body, enhance the body's immunity.

4: The pores are expanded and the toxins and harmful substances in the body are excreted with sweat.

5: Eliminate fatigue, make body and mind relax, and rejuvenate.

6: Excessive body fat consumption, decompression and lipid-lowering effect.

The wet steam room works:

The steam generated in the wet steam room contains abundant moisture. The humidity and abundant reactive oxygen species are very beneficial to the maintenance of the functional status of the elastic fibers of the dermis layer of the skin. After steaming, the skin will be more rosy and moist than before. The steam room is the sauna room. One is passive movement. Real life is also called the steam room. Wet steaming mainly through the contact of steam with the skin, expand the pores, discharge toxins, thereby promoting blood circulation and metabolism, to achieve the purpose of fitness and beauty.

The wet steam room adapts to the crowd:

It is suitable for workers and workers who are struggling in work and life, those who like beauty and body sculpting, sub-health people, pregnant women, menstruating women, heart disease and skin diseases.

The wet steam room applies precautions:

The use frequency should be moderate, and the use time should not exceed 30 minutes. When you feel unwell, you should leave in time.

The basic configuration of wet steam room:

Steam Generator (Steam Engine) + Acrylic Top + Tempered Glass Doors & Windows + Explosion-Proof Lights + Stools + Anti-slip Rubber

Wet steam room is suitable for:

Family, fitness club, bathing center, beauty salon, hotel, etc.